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Recorded Federal Webinar Trainings

Get expert guidance on navigating challenges, including pandemic-related issues, in your agency with
these popular recorded webinars — available as MP4 downloads or discs!

In this timely recorded webinar, attorney Debra D'Agostino starts by breaking down the key federal employment issues that will be the focus of the Biden administration. Then she provides tips on how HR, ER and EEO offices can stay compliant with existing legal and policy requirements while preparing for the significant changes to come — from Diversity and Inclusion training, to transitioning from maximum telework, to the future of Schedule F.

How does the pandemic-created workplace environment impact disciplinary actions? Find out from noted federal employment law expert Robert Erbe. From leave abuse to misconduct by remote workers, you get guidance specific to addressing disciplinary issues during the pandemic — with a focus on evaluating each adverse action under the "efficiency of the service" standard and applying relevant Douglas factors, so your agency makes defensible decisions.

COVID-19 and Reasonable Accommodation: Applying the Law to Current Challenges

Presented by Gary M. Gilbert, Esq., and Deryn A. Sumner, Esq.

LRP Federal Webinar Speaker Gary M. Gilbert, Esq. LRP Federal Webinar Speaker Deryn A. Sumner, Esq.

Must employees be accommodated for coronavirus-related anxiety? As a risk factor for COVID-19, does age alone trigger a reasonable accommodation requirement? EEO law experts Gary Gilbert and Deryn Sumner take you through these situations and more, detailing how you should apply reasonable accommodation requirements to the novel challenges created by COVID-19 — so your agency can avoid disability discrimination claims.

Craft EEO settlement agreements that withstand appeal!Roslyn Brown, whose federal civil rights career spanned three decades, details case decisions and best practices you can use to reach settlements that are well-considered and contain all the crucial elements — so they survive EEOC scrutiny. Includes a look at Executive Order 13839’s impact on “clean record” offers.

Final OPM accountability regulations took effect in November. Find out how they impact your agency's procedures from noted federal employment law expert Robert Erbe. You get guidance to tackle adverse actions, appropriately consider comparator employees, carry out performance-based actions and more in accordance with rules — empowering you to make decisions based on what’s best for the agency according to the efficiency of the service standard.

The return to school impacting employees' work. Weather events. A potential spike in COVID-19 and/or the seasonal flu. The fall and winter seasons will bring these new leave and attendance issues — and others. Get guidance to tackle them all as attorney and former EEO Director Saul Schwartz highlights potential problem areas and shows you how to adapt existing laws, rules and regulations to the novel COVID-19 situations you face.

Make sure you know how to address Paid Parental Leave rules under the FMLA. Federal employment law expert Robin Wink walks you through the rules and OPM's interim regulations and guidance — and then provides her experienced insights on administering it all. Plus, you're alerted to potential problem areas, including eligibility, leave stacking, failure to return to work after leave, and more.

7 Ways to Lose a Case at the MSPB

Presented by Richard Vitaris

LRP Federal Webinar Speaker Richard Vitaris

Richard Vitaris spent 28 years as an MSPB administrative judge, and he turns all that experience into practical guidance to keep you on the winning side of your next case before the board. You learn the most common mistakes agencies make that lead to automatic losses — and steps you can take to avoid them.

Ensure your penalty decisions stand up to review with guidance from expert Robert Erbe, as he explains how to document your Douglas factor analysis and avoid mistakes agencies commonly make. You learn how to use various documentation methods and create a thorough record of your analysis — so you can minimize the risk of reversals.



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